Our Stay-at-Home Mission

"To help senior and disabled residents within the community remain safely and independently at home."

Chore Service Then and Now

Drawing by Artist  Marc Simont

Drawing by Artist Marc Simont

As Social Service Agent in the town of Sharon, Connecticut,
Ella Clark became increasingly concerned about a frail 87-year
old widow earning just $8,000 from Social Security, and an elderly couple whose income was less than $13,000.  Both families needed affordable help to live safely and independently at home, but state and federal programs had cut back assistance for at-home care and were more aggressively placing liens on the homes involved.

In 1992, Ella received a $2,000 grant from the Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation and then obtained federal funding through
the Western Connecticut Area Agency on Aging, under the Older Americans Act, for “chore” programs that did not lien property to help clients stay at home independently.  She liked that clients could contribute partial payment for the chores because hers were proud and independent customers.

Ella was awarded an $11,487 Title III B grant in 1993 and thus began
the history of the incredible “we care” services offered by Chore.  Ella founded the Northwest Corner Chore Service for the towns of Canaan, Cornwall, Falls Village and Sharon.  Chore Service served 22 families that first year, providing 1,369 hours of service on a total budget of $16,205.

Today Chore Service is a leader in the Northwest Corner for companion service and at-home care serving the towns of Canaan, Cornwall, Falls Village, Kent, Lakeville, Norfolk, Salisbury and Sharon.  Chore continues to receive federal grant funding provided through the Older Americans Act through the Western Connecticut Area Agency on Aging.  These monies subsidize all clients aged sixty and over regardless of income.  Client contributions supplement the grant.  Chore Service also receives donations from towns, churches, charitable foundations and donors so that the program can remain affordable for everyone.

Today Chore Service employs approximately 40 local and caring people providing 13,000 hours of care annually to our 200 clients and families.